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  • sup
  • I don't really see how this is it's own sub genre. For more Hardcore Noise Rock bands you can just put in ''Noise Rock. Hardcore Punk'' For very fast aggressive hardcore Punk we have Thrashcore and Powerviolence For an often fast and very abrasive genre that's both metal and punk we have Grindcore. I don't see the point of having ''noisecore''. I don''t see the distinction.
  • Rolo Tomassi here? Lol.
  • More Deche-Charge, less 95%-of-everything-else-that's-been-tagged-here.
  • pure noise manifestation - self titled Please check it, a lot of different styles are mixed in this release
  • Good tag, but top artists are not noisecore
  • Melt Banana is noisecore
  • Someone should've choked you to death while you were a baby but that didn't happen either, so I'm afraid not
  • Melt-banana isn't noisecore you clueless fuck. Please refrain from tagging anything ever again.
  • No they're not.
  • AC is the only noisecore group in the top artists...
  • Too many people love to overuse 'noise' and '-core' words. So here we are...
  • So much not-noisecore in top artists...
  • vv mixing noisy elements in their music doesn't make it noisecore
  • Not true at all, Daughters is absolutely noisecore
  • comeback of the century right there bro
  • This shoutbox is officially raped by morons. Boom. Take that you fools.
  • this tag is officially raped by morons
  • My grind project is noisecore apparently.
  • Hawaii Music
  • Dr. Acula??? Bad tag needs clean up badly.
  • none of the top artists are noisecore except Anal Cunt
  • Check out this dope band from Hawaii: PHARAOHS instagram: PHVRVOHS
  • Lol at the bands on this tag, what a mess [2]
  • Lol at the bands on this tag, what a mess
  • Hey Everyone I've Made a 'Genre Making' Group... please Join!
  • Hi, GENERAL LEE Live @ Le Poche : New track online : Enjoy ! xxx
  • Fuck the trendy noisecore shit.
  • Guys, check out video from Ukrainian tour (2012) - )))) Greetings from [artist]The Hysteria[/artist].
  • I can't stand The Locust, props to their drummer though.
  • V white kids
  • Who the fuck tagged OFWGKTA as noisecore?
  • I think this tag is rather silly... but also accurate at the same time. The Chariot & Rolo Tomassi <3
  • Looking for a place to discuss Extreme Metal, Punk and Noise music without all the faggoty forum games, filled with open minded music lovers? Join the Extreme Music Forum:
  • noisecore?... goddamn
  • Mix-tape
  • Dr. Acula?! wtf? [9]
  • Dr. Acula?! wtf? [8]
  • Dr. Acula?! wtf? [6]
  • Gorgonized Dorks/Aragon's Corpse Split.
  • Dr. Acula?! wtf? [5]
  • Band to check out


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