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  • Avatar di Tibetan_sage - новая подписка о женском хардкоре - ребята, подписывайтесь, будем очень рады!)
  • Avatar di 0hDeer
    v jesus what this dude I don't even
  • Avatar di JCCAKES
    Women talk about how sexy they think different guys in bands are. All the time, and almost every woman I've ever met has. And usually it's worse because I know I won't listen to a shitty band with a hot chick in it, but women will just listen to bands because whatever member(s) are hot. Of course this is a generalization, but there are a huge large amount of women that do this. 90:10 I think. Also hardcore is supposed to be open minded? lol..
  • Avatar di SceneA6A
    Nothing hotter in the world. [2]
  • Avatar di samuelzwagery
    saparatosssss :D
  • Avatar di astrangerday
    hey I read an article in AP about a band called Heart--something or other, well it was all one word and had "heart" in it and I forget who they were now but they seemed really interesting.... anyone have any idea who I'm talking about?
  • Avatar di -golightly-
    (partly) agreed. just two little things: i know quite a lot of women who babble about male musicians (even if rollins and danzig have never been mentioned in this context yet) and just being attracted to a woman does not exclude you from accepting her.
  • Avatar di yogsothothery
    It's not about attraction, it's about how every comment about these bands goes something like this: "yeah they're a cool band, but have you seen their singer? Dude, I'd so fuck her". Note how this doesn't happen as often when it's humans talking about bands, how many of your female friends babble endlessly about how they'd love to fuck Henry Rollins, or Danzig, or anyone for that matter? We males have a long way to go in accepting females, and its particularly sad to see that in the hardcore scene, which is supposedly forward thinking and open-minded.
  • Avatar di daisyfuck
    it's not the fact that you're attracted to them. no matter where i go, in the real world or virtual, i can't seem to get away from guys who seem to need to affirm to all the other bros around him whether or not he would or wouldn't fuck a girl that's in view, despite anything she's doing or saying. check yoself
  • Avatar di JCCAKES
    Being attracted to talented girls who share our interests is being chauvinistic? [2]
  • Avatar di amnesiacphlgm
    this whole sexist thing and lusting for women singing in hardcore bands is basically what is wrong with hardcore. proves once again that hardcore is definitely not about trying to make a change, it's about looks and.. well just about looks. fuck this scene. shape of punk to come, never came and will never come
  • Avatar di xjasonleebyasx
  • Avatar di Foxer13
    @skyex - of couse, they are. We are not gays! We love bad girls :D
  • Avatar di skyex
    @JCCAKES, @EmptyUniverse - Fuck you guys. These girls are not here to be sex objects. And I guarantee any one of them could kick your chauvinistic asses.
  • Avatar di EmptyUniverse
    Nothing hotter in the world.
  • Avatar di JCCAKES
  • Avatar di ilovebmthrawr
  • Avatar di Marcus_Nix-Pop Listen it!
  • Avatar di Kosmonafft
  • Avatar di xmeluzx

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