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  • cob sucks
  • opeth isn't death metal, just progressive metal
  • wtf is with this tag ? bearly any of the artist are death metal....
  • in flames and cob sucks
  • smdm shit.Classic american death rulezz
  • In Flames, COB, Opeth? How?
  • CC best
  • loving 5 of those top ones, but Opeth?!?!
  • in flames and children of bodom in top charts - LOL
  • K I understand some retards don't understand the difference between melodic death metal and death metal (why bodom/in flames are on top) but why the fuck is opeth up there lol?
  • Yes, I was not completely serious. But I am fucking sick of all the trolls.
  • Death, Brujeria, Gojira and Arch Enemy are the best death metal bands
  • in flames and cildren of bodom sucks. opeth isn't death metal.
  • check out [url=]Apocalyptic Metal[/url]
  • fck u haterz, in flames iz da best deth metal ever. right after slipknot and bullet for my valentine ofcurz.
  • Бл....яяя! А чо вы пишете,непонятно ничо
  • stupid scene kiddies.
  • well also a lot of taggers know the difference but don't differentiate their tags. Like I tag brutal death metal bands as just "death metal"
  • lol top artists
  • top 3 death metal bands are death, morbid angel, and ... jmho tho...
  • IN FLAMES?!? CHILDREN OF BODOM?!?!?!??!?! O P E T H ? ! ? ! ? ! O______________________________O
  • why is Morbid Angel not in the top artists box??
  • Sepultura, claro q con los hermanos Cavalera!!!!...x q ahora no pasa naaa
  • Morbid Angel!!!
  • Hahahahahaha, Come Clarity and Take This Life! xD
  • Why are a lot of bands that ARE NOT DEATH METAL marked as Death Metal. It screws things up. I want Death Metal when I'm looking for death Metal. Slipknot Death Metal? Geez...
  • And where is Deicide ?
  • brujeria
  • how can grindcore be similliar to death metal when grindcore isn't metal?? stupid...
  • Vader! Vader! Vader! Vader! yeahhhhh
  • Why do people tag In Flames "death metal" when they should tag it "mallgoth crap"
  • Paris Hilton ftw..?
  • Kasper From The K is my favourite Death Metal DJ
  • Benighted ftw
  • Morbid Angel ftw
  • Tags have shoutboxes now? wtf?lol Also... Obituary ftw
  • bloodbath FTW!!!
  • Early death metal: Hellhammer Possessed Bathory Sepultura Master Necrovore Sodom ...before "Death."
  • [track artist=dying fetus]Kill your mother - Rape your dog[/track]
  • Morbid Angel is a more important band than Death in the development of death metal.
  • I cannot understand the entire Death/Necrophagist fellating here...
  • Death ftw
  • Death ftw
  • Sotajumala
  • Death ftw. Keep naming bands, people :P
  • Necrophagia ftw
  • Necrophagist ftw


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