Mar 29 2009, 20:35 di steerpike

    Fri 27 Mar – Fennesz, punck, Black Fanfare
    On stage Christian Fennesz cuts an elegant figure with an attractively haunted quality that shows he's more deep than macho.
    He is an intense performer who doesn't feel the need to speak or engage in any eye contact with the audience. Instead, he directs a steely gaze at his laptop as if willing the machine to produce the right combination of loops. With an electric guitar he adds a human touch to his formidable digital creations.
    At the Bronson, he performed one unbroken piece for 45 minutes followed by a 10 minute coda. The concert was billed as 'Fennesz plays Black Sea' but there was only the vaguest resemblance to that recorded work.
    The stronger emphasis on the guitar gave a more aggressive edge to the sound. A welcome knock-on effect of the higher volume is that he avoided being sabotaged by noisy bar bores. The downside was that there were none of the flashes of quiet after the…