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  • Ethereal as fuck... amazing.
  • wow, what a great shoegaze
  • kickstarter for bloweyelashwish on vinyl:
  • hmmmMmmMM
  • GLISSCEULE. Forever. [2]
  • Как же это прекрасно, черт возьми!
  • Xuvetyn is soo lovely.
  • wasn't it once "loveliesbleeding" from freeland MI?
  • вообще писечка
  • нежно обволакивающее звучание.
  • this band gets me so turned up
  • Something about Scott Cortez's music brings about nostalgia and early winter mornings.
  • let's change that main already.
  • Music to melt to.
  • this is, huh, wow
  • noice
  • Oh hello Scott :O I'll check out that stuff on bandcamp for sure! And just in case you read this again, you're fantastic and I love you :3 Keep it up! :D Xuvetyn is just kinda special, man. ghosts that swirl!! blew me mind first time ;)
  • thank you for your comments regarding xuvetyn, and glissceule. to set the record straight, i have always been a drone ambient guy, i haven't just gone ambient in the last few years. this piece is a good example of what i was doing pre llc. :)
  • so beautiful
  • such dreamy atmospheres
  • Anyone else think the last few releases have been a little....dull, compared to earlier ones? Losing some of that rough-around-the-edges feel, getting a little too smooth and ambient? Don't get me wrong, I love it still, but nothing has really matched Xuvetyn and Glissceule for me, particularly ghosts that swirl and eishglinl. Anyone?
  • Я охуел.
  • marvellous
  • I like.
  • and it's GOD-LIKE
  • the new full-length is out
  • Recommended for free download:
  • best shoegaze band of all time, by far (okay, slowdive is probably slightly better, specifically 'pygmalion'). the epitome of blown-out/crushed-out-heavenly distortedblissdriftdronegaze.
  • impossible not to listen to glissceule whenever i listen to voirshn and vice versa :} why is avianium so underrated? besides glinter and ghost colored halo i'd say it's easily his most cohesive collection of songs~
  • Voirshn better than Xuvetyn
  • Keep up the wonderful work wavertone:D I play your music on my radio show all the time
  • ghost colored halo is due out early next year and comes with 2 extra tracks.
  • Blown away by [album artist=lovesliescrushing]Glinter[/album].
  • von?
  • please tour the east coast
  • after listening to "Voirshn" I've never been so relaxed in my life. I forgot how amazing these guys were!
  • transcendent
  • he's a very cool guy (and a total gearhead~) i first heard of llc from my 2d design professor during my first semester of college. one day he brought an old cassette to class to show me; it was bloweyelashwish, personalized and signed by scott before he'd sent it out via mail-order (remember that? fuck, those were the days...) i decided to give it a listen when i got home later that day, and today i'm 5 yrs deep in a beautiful relationship.
  • Cortez is a cool guy from what I've seen on the internet
  • glinter is so good, well worth the wait
  • BLISSFEST CHICAGO 2012 headlined by Lovesliescrushing with Airiel, New Canyons, Black Nite Crash, Darkred, Golden Gardens 19 October 2012, Subterranean, Chicago IL
  • Beautifully crafted music/soundscapes to escape into. Great music to listen to while tripping. Also wonderful music to play as you drift off to sleep or to start your day to. Really, good music for most occasions, IMHO.
  • glinter is superb; certainly one of the best ambient albums released this year.


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