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  • Avatar di xsparcs
    @prosaicattimes please please upload the crixa ep and SMM split. please. mediafire would be so appreciated. thank god someone still has them. i thought i would never hear she had a rocketship or texas seashells again..
  • Avatar di prosaicattimes
    Anyone want me to put the Seeing Means More split and The Crixa EP up on Mediafire since Megaupload is now dead? I'll do it if I get even 1 request, but I am not going to do it if everyone has the tracks already... Unless peterpopcorn (or anyone else from Efra) asks me not to do it. Then I won't do it.
  • Avatar di peterpopcorn
    We re-recorded "The Hillary Step" a while ago. New name, new lyrics, better recording... check it out.
  • Avatar di B1995
    Efra forever
  • Avatar di Mart1n_O
    amazing? yes) rip(
  • Avatar di avester27
    i own the seeing means more split 7" :)
  • Avatar di emag_
    efra was amazing
  • Avatar di denwers
    good band. so a bit plays. even surprisingly
  • Avatar di kokirininja
    Awesome band.
  • Avatar di GrubenHocker
    i was talkig shit. the soli are amazing!! want some more stuff! are there on any other record than on their ep? mabye a split or something?

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