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  • What is Humppa?

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    is a type of music from Finland. It is related to and very fast , played two beats to a bar. Typical speed is about 250 to 280 beats per minute. Humppa is also the name of a few social dances danced to humppa music. All dances involve bounce that follows the strong bass of the music. In Finnish language, the word humppa can also be used for all social dancing. The name humppa was invented by Antero Alpola for a radio show in 1950s. He picked it up from German Oktoberfest where the locals used the word to describe the playing of the band. The band probably used a tuba, as the sound of tuba on the first beat is like hump, the second beat coming as a pa. (The related German style is known as .)

    Interpreters, for example, Erkki Junkkarinen, Humppatyttö Berit, HumppaVeikot, Pispalan laulava pystytukka, Eläkeläiset, Pauli Räsänen, die Wallerts and Solistiyhtye Suomi.

    One form of Humppa dance is related to One-step, that arrived in Finland 1913. …