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  • Tom, I love you
  • Go ahead and listen to blink with Matt singing. It's an absolute shit-show. Seriously, just go on YouTube and have a listen. It's not just not good, it's BAD.
  • Tom, still waiting you in Blink-182. From Russia With Love
  • Lol, no
  • this band sucks without tom, until then they can fuck off!!! mark is a talent less hack, without stealing Blink from under tom he'd be doing mediocre ass DJ sets at music festivals, he blows. How is it tom created Box car, AVA and of course blink! He's the talented one.
  • Mark Hoppus ♥
  • Tom sucks, such a jerk. I'm very happy with the new blink-182
  • Can't wait to hear the results of the new record. Hoppus/Barker + Skiba could be a winning combination. [3]
  • Alkaline Trio is great, I have no doubts the Blink with Skiba album is gonna kick ass but I think they shouldve tried to sort things out with Tom, or continue to try to while doing things while Matt in the meantime
  • Blink in the studio recording music. Tom doing t-shirt bundles and not much else.
  • it's true. he still falls asleep in his little tiny four courner bedroom, dreaming of one day being like Tom DeLonge. 'Oh, Matt', he tells himself right before falling again into his empty broken dreams, 'I wish one day I could write a song like Tom DeLonge, one that people would actually wanna hear.'
  • lol @ retard below.
  • @imlost13: Basically all Matt Skiba has ever done on a musical level is try to be like Tom DeLonge as much as possible, just as any pop punk guitarist that came up after 1999. He can only dream of writing the catchy songs and the iconic guitar riffs Tom created.
  • skiba should of stayed with alkaline trio, and blink should of went back to sleep or got a guitarist who wasn't already in an established successful band. skiba has more talent than everyone in blink prior to him combined. so skiba will make blink a good new album.. yay for blink, and their child fans. too bad for alkaline trio fans though. looks like no album again.
  • someone should upload a pic of blink+skiba
  • Музыкальный понос. Лай собак звучит приятнее.
  • Can't wait to hear the results of the new record. Hoppus/Barker + Skiba could be a winning combination. [2]
  • Ah, my teen years :)
  • One of my first fav band with green day. Whenever i come back to them it feels like home, still enjoy them as much as i did back in those good old days.
  • I still can listen to Travis drumming all day without getting bored...
  • Happy Birthday Tom DeLonge :)
  • Can't wait to hear the results of the new record. Hoppus/Barker + Skiba could be a winning combination.
  • So they became a blink-182 cover band :D.
  • ↓ Damn! Are you still crying about that? Get over it, you cunts.
  • For all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • Timeless. [2] definitely! for instance, what's my age again? was released in 1999 but it feels like it could've been released today.
  • check it out this new band: Black Mask & Gasoline - EP teaser 2015: Facebook:
  • Timeless.
  • +44 + Matt :p
  • Forever and ever, lets make it last forever!
  • It's weird; I listen to them more now than 10/15 years ago, can't say that about much other pop-punk stuff from that time. Love Dude Ranch forever!
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • When are the new songs coming? It's been a while.
  • dude ranch will always be the best thing they've done
  • artisaweapon : are you fckn kiddin me ?
  • Who else started to pay attention to this band after Matt Skiba joined it? I can't remember how long have been since I last listened to blink-182. 10 years ago, maybe?
  • чудное детство♥♥♥
  • Enema of The State is their best album, who agrees ? :p
  • "Neighborhoods" is definitely their best album.
  • This is like, one of the best bands ever. [2]
  • it is so good
  • @MegaDave89 it's music man. And pretty good still too
  • @MegaDave89 people are still having this debate???
  • Hey, we are Sunsets Are Forever and we would be really glad if u could check our new song and give us some feedback!
  • Funny my 2 least favorite Blink songs are #1 and 2 on here.
  • Always ♥
  • I love Punk or should we call this pop/punk? However this is the most addictive genre, im not joking.


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