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  • Yum!!! I love Zero 7 <3
  • Music like this rekindles that fire inside me! Oh yes.
  • Comfortably Numb with Carmel sauce.
  • I don't care if it is Raining out, I got Zero 7 to keep me warm.
  • so chill
  • :)
  • Love it.
  • Helps me float away!!
  • too good
  • "Who am I to make a judgement on your life?". This should be mandatory music in elevators and other public places everywhere... ;-)
  • very nice
  • one of my favorites from zero 7
  • ♪♫♪♪ totally dope track ♪♫♪♪ big shout out to the Last fm crew from the boys at support the alternative arts and experimental music :):)
  • Very nice!
  • Gentle and soothing.
  • LOVELY VOICE lets have some more THANK YOU
  • melting ...
  • So good, so very very good.
  • ... and I am too!
  • The album's title is 'When It Falls', not 'Before It Falls'. Someone correct that caption below the video!
  • This song is sexy
  • luv it. Sexy
  • Perfection~~~~
  • Fantastic harmony.
  • This is Sophie on this track isn't it? and Sia comes in on the chorus?
  • Great tune......
  • almost perfect
  • "Who am I to make a judgement on your life?" indeed indeed.
  • beautiful
  • Agree with you LJSPEED!
  • Sorry about the caps, hehe
  • this has renditions of the bassline from Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me to Stay"
  • Still sounds good!
  • coffee in hand....this song starts the day off just right
  • Sub doing it's thing and we're slippin' along nicely!
  • fantastic tune x
  • passing by, this is such a sexy song
  • love that bassline, love it!
  • mon coeur
  • makes me feel weird
  • love
  • Sultry
  • Beautiful track! All-time favorite!!
  • this song is too sexy for words. way cool
  • Gorgeous downtempo track. My favorite on the album.
  • cool 07


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