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  • Avatar di Sparklerwand
    Young and Sexy are still fab after all these years -- I bought "Life Through One Speaker" back in June 2003 and loved them ever since. I still listen to the cd, especially the tracks "Weekend Warriors", "One False Move", and "Young And Sexy" which are my favourites. On "Stand Up For Your Mother", the tracks "The City You Live In Is Ugly" and "Better", and "Car Bought For A Son" are classics too. Love 'em!
  • Avatar di gustavorichieri
    this band is so good. I dont know how they got so few listeners.I just don't get it.... their songs are so mature and well crafted.
  • Avatar di FuturesPassed
    These guys sound a lot like Cold Sides. At least their album Panic When You Find It, I mean.
  • Avatar di kazey
    Heres a review of a recent show:
  • Avatar di Marshallmaddnes
  • Avatar di pukka
    Your Enemy's Asleep is a ridiculously good song.
  • Avatar di theloudestfire
  • Avatar di lydiapineapple
    how the heck do you look this up on torrents without getting porn :/
  • Avatar di ECash
    sweet melodies make my ears smile
  • Avatar di jordex
    I love the skytrain noise in The City You Live in is Ugly

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