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  • Avatar di darkgnome
    Goddamnit. I really need a second album :D Oh well, this one is too good to be true so it's not all that bad.
  • Avatar di InfamousJCGZ
    I had no idea about this album's name until I heard it on Twin Peaks. As soon as it was said, my mind went right to this. Very cool.
  • Avatar di Aramaki_
    One of very rare cases, when all tracks are gorgeous..
  • Avatar di MusikKollector
    This shit is true Glitch! I am sick of cats calling dubstep and other electronic sub genres Glitch! If any one could send me a recommendation of some more Real Glitch, I would be so happy! Thank You!
  • Avatar di AnastasisKratsi
  • Avatar di F_Hole
    Helps keep Bob away. Nice trax.
  • Avatar di studio271
    Been listening ot this album for years, then, on a completely unrelated curiosity, I recently got into watching Twin Peaks. My heart sank (in a good way) when I heard the lines spoken in Cooper's Dream. I love this album.
  • Avatar di Nihilistic23
    "Twin Peaks" anyone?
  • Avatar di Saxiia
    Definitely a classic!
  • Avatar di exerhlp

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