• Catching up!

    Set 20 2011, 16:23 di Angelical_devil

    I had been wanting to write in here since eons ago... But kept delaying it, because I really have no time at all, and when there's a bit, I'm so tired I can't even think straight, let alone write that down.
    So, what did I want to write about so badly?

    First: X's live. It's been too long already, and it seems pretty pointless now... but I was pretty shaken up by that show. I had thought it'd be that way. X's my favorite band of all times, even though I barely listen to them nowadays, mainly because they depress me too much. So I was expecting the show to be a bit intense. I even thought ahead that I might cry a bit -which is way too embarrassing. But well, I guessed they'd play stuffs like Say Anything, Forever Love, ENDLESS RAIN and then it was unavoidable to feel heartbroken since I can't even listen to those songs home without shedding a tear.
    It was worse than I thought. The show hadn't even started and when Yoshiki came on stage, standing still in front of the drums I was already crying my heart out desperately. …