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  • AnarchyBrony it's apparently cool to be a pessimist, even if it was a good album they'd still bitch about it.
  • Dahlia !!!
  • Give them a chance, Beneath The Skin and Scarlet Love Song are miles better than Born to Be Free.
  • In support to the Paris' Djihadist attack's victims.
  • It's weird how this shoutbox went from X Japan fans to pessimism.
  • lmao
  • It's official: That song ruined my day.
  • Born To Be Free? I didn't even know they'd released a new song. Yeah it's pretty bad. Very very generic.
  • What new song?
  • Meh, I don't know if "fanservice" would be the right term. I Think it's more like a way of Yoshiki earn money from a carcass. He knows that everybody will be like "The legendary metal band from Japan releases a new album". When in reality we all know that it's gonna be utter shit.
  • X Japan is all about fanservice now.
  • I will say this again:They should have ended after Hide's death. The new song is terrible.
  • Essa Banda é muito viciante.
  • I only just got into X Japan but I cannot stop listening to them (or hide/Zilch either).
  • I've just realized, that Megaromania "Farewell" has almost the same riff structure as "Rusty Nail" :D So nice young bands still are inspired by them!
  • dry your tears with LOVE
  • X is very important band for japanese musicians. They brought heavy music to Japan, so young bands like Jupiter or Versailles use their riffs and solos as some kind of tribute.
  • Jupiter isn't new to ripping off X's solos. Versailles copped the solo from Endless Rain in Serenade.
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Also the vk band jupiter rip off silent jealousy solo on the scarlet track(I know that a lot of visual kei bands do that)but even the tapping part near the end was ripped lmao.
  • v And Yoshiki did help Toshi when he was being abused and scammed by his wife and her cult leader.
  • I don't know why they still around.It's pretty obvious that the band has ended after hide's death.
  • V Confirmed straight forward by Yoshiki. New album AND a documentary about the band next year. Not to sound like a dick, but I can just feel the band is gonna mention hide so many times.
  • I expect a mediocre album since all the new songs that have been shown are not really amazing or anything special. And after have waited for so long, it can only disapoint.
  • announcing an album 8 months in advance just means it would be delayed when march arrives.
  • NEW ALBUM 11 MARCH 2016
  • Yoshiki's new video has a new song of X Japan and seems to be about an event they will hold an event in Europe. New album's release date announcement? Possibly. Link of the video [url=]here[/url].
  • The said shoutbox is dead tho. At least it's not like the Paradise of spamming that is Radiohead's shoutbox.
  • V 10/10.
  • The reason to shout box being removed: dir en greys shout box
  • At least ain't the big joke around in the opeth shoutbox.
  • I don't care too much for artists shoutboxes,but they can't remove the private one.Like isn't this a kind of social media ? how we gonna comunicate with others? Half of the albums that I have here it's because people gave me the link.
  • Seriously? [2] I think that's terrible news. Despites being full of trolls, artists shoutboxes were also a nice opportunity to get news or obscure informations concerning said artists.
  • v says the brony.
  • v says the guy with the barney icon.
  • v Seriously? lmao.The people who take last fm as serious business gonna be mad about it.
  • Oh god, now the troll spam shit's back. Man I'm glad they're removing the shoutbox in the upcoming update.
  • Biggest case of hysterical weeaboo fanatism I ever saw. Almost clinical.
  • go back to watching naruto, samuraisx
  • Yeah you're disappointing the real fans!!! get off loser faggot cuz you're not real fan~1111
  • 1st - guys YOU'RE ANNOYING! You act like a woman on period. O.o srsly did X fanbase grew to such an stupid and awkard point? are you expecting some NLO things from X , srsly man, they are old enough and not those freshies of 20 and 30 years to jump out and make every month something new. you should just appreciate and see changes and wait. 2nd - I saw in some comment bellow, that fans on some LIVE didn't know words of Jade?! O>o mfg WHO ARE THOSE FANS? ARE they fans at alll?? XDDD mfg Jade is so easy to remember and it's really nice song from their comeback how can you not know the words mfg such fail of crowd I really feel disappointed who now stayed listening to X and those who didn't appreciate their music enough to not know their comeback song such as Jade where lyrics are mainly english..o.o nvm stupid people, stop accusing fanbase, it sounds really rude to real fans who doesn't promote here writting stupid comments just to fill in shoutbox and show smartass of username. T_T
  • What a crybaby.
  • Apparently he lost feeling in his hand again after the NYC show.
  • Wait wait wait whoa whoa back up, Yoshiki said the next tour may be his last?! Did his health get worse?
  • Now you can shout it out to X Japan and lots of other Japanese music in the Japanese regionfree karaoke app JOYSOUND.TV Plus for PS4! Which X Japan songs will you (not) sing?
  • @Tulak: Personally I loved Chinese Democracy. If X Japan is able to pull out quality album like that im more than satisfied.


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