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Worship è una band Funeral Doom Metal tedesca formata nel 1999 a Monaco di Baviera.
Nascono come duo grazie alla collaborazione tra il tedesco Doommonger (Daniel Pharos) ed il francese Fucked-up Mad Max (Maximilien Vernier) che pochi mesi prima avevano formato a Saint-Dizier i Kult con la medesima formazione. L'attività della band dura fino al 23 luglio 2001 data in cui Max Vernier si suicida, durante il tour canadese della…

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  • this band got insanely good after max killed himself, it may be something horrible to say but either way, good thing they decided to reunite in his honour.
  • "one of the best known in the underground" yeah, well, uh...
  • this band got insanly good after max killed himself, good thing they decided to reunite in his honour.
  • Superb band.
  • Dooom is one of the best albums in the genre...
  • Thanks a lot insomnic!! Yes, actually Worship seems to be one of the dooooooomiest funeral doom acts ever!! The atmosphere they create is unique!! I'd listened to their "Dooom" and it's actually quite good! Though, Terranean Wake is still my favorite!
  • Divine-Empyreal: I would recommend Doom, it's a masterpiece. Then move to Last CD Before Doomsday and while listenning to it, embrace the darkest depths of funeral doom metal. Imho you can't go deeper nor darker than that. It's nearly simmilar to watching the movie Begoten except I can find solace in listenning to this album.
  • kill yourself and worship!
  • great funeral doom
  • Consummate heavy metal.

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