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  • well, you say that I'm an outlaw / you say that I'm a thief / here's a Christmas dinner / for the families on relief
  • nice ballad
  • ме потсетува на старите добри времиња, кога ние ги направивме сакам секој ден на плажа.
  • I love his stories!!
  • The Byrds (actually Roger McGuinn), were actually were one of the greatest American bands of all time.
  • no it doesn't, what the hell ?
  • This sounds more like Arlo than Woody, and I'm not even sure it's Arlo.
  • I know "Baby Face" Nelson hates cows. ;-) Hate those Bankers.
  • Nice.
  • pretty boy floyd that is -not woody
  • This machine kills Fascists... great!!!
  • Some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen
  • didnt he hate cows?
  • fucking metal
  • What Dylan is to the rest of us, Woody is to Dylan: a polestar.
  • moving. real.
  • dig this here .. woody but w/o the big ol water head.
  • the byrds did a fine version too
  • My dad used to sing this song when I was younger.
  • wow
  • (:
  • tres bien.
  • ich bewundere den mut von ihm dies zu veröffentlichen
  • Just a brilliant piece of americana folk singer/outlaw (through civil disobediance) singing about a true american outlaw
  • Before there was anyone there was Woody!!!!
  • This is a good song to play at Christmas time,
  • Great song.
  • Woody is one of my favorite Communists.
  • Did Arlo Guthrie copy him too?
  • laa la lala la lala la laaa
  • I agree some people will rob you with a fountain pen...
  • Dylan did a good cover of this
  • a very great man once said that some people rob you with a fountain pen
  • A classic.
  • "As through your life you travel, as through your life you roam, you will never see an outlaw drive a familify from their home" whereas b*nks today...
  • I dont know about the release called best of. I know it from Libiary of Congress Recordings where Alan Lomax interview him and this is 3LP's and I would recomend peoble to hear it if they want to know more about Woody and USA in these days, days of duststorms, probation, outlaws, life. It's made in the start of 1940's.
  • canzone da farwest
  • good
  • It's All Good!
  • Legendary.
  • Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.
  • His music and influence can not be put into words...
  • even the voice sir bob copied...

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