• 2011 Recap

    Dic 31 2011, 18:44 di SlayerOfLight1

    What follows mostly consists of a bunch of personal statistics regarding 2011's music. In general, I'd say this has certainly been a most interesting and awesome year in many respects.

    First things first. As of July, I have become a huge fan of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Some may be quick to judge and make inaccurate assumptions about the show or the brony community, but the truth is that MLP:FiM is genuinely incredible in pretty much all aspects (incl. animation, voice acting, characters, re-watchability, humor, writing, moral themes, community, etc.). I won't draw this out too much here. If you truly have a problem with this, I say deal with it.

    But man... confound these ponies. They drive me to screw up my charts. XD

    My list of 2011 albums rated in order.

    My Last.fm Artist Chart for 2011 (play-based):
    1. Blind Guardian (525 plays)
    2. Kamelot (524 plays)
    3. Epica (446 plays)
    4. Agalloch (423 plays)
    5. Not A Clever Pony (353 plays)
    6. Dark Tranquillity (314 plays)