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  • New albums sounds amazing
  • New album is out!
  • I hope their new album gets the attention it deserves. They've made their best yet!
  • new album, finally!
  • preetty cool band really
  • My new band crush!!! :D
  • Aussies make the best psychedelic music ever. I'd give anything to see Tame Impala and Wolf and Cub play together =/
  • Vessels might need a few more listens before I really like it.
  • fire
  • приємно здивована! думала чергова псевдо-пост-панкова шняга! а так дуже прикольні хлопчаки
  • wow amazing!!!!
  • I'm digging these guys a lot...
  • One to the Other <3
  • something about this band reminds me of les savy fav.. just sayin'
  • Likeee
  • Master,master,master,master,master,master,master,master,master,master...
  • their older stuff is great, new album needs some time to grow
  • I guess I relate this band a bit to Tame Impala, but I can't say they're anywhere near as good or creative [2]
  • RATS
  • Wolf & Cub get the remix treatment from World's End Press:
  • I guess I relate this band a bit to Tame Impala, but I can't say they're anywhere near as good or creative. 2/5 for me.
  • I had the BEST night at The Espy. You guys were brilliant! Thank you!! I can't believe you didn't play 'Blood', though. I was looking forward to that most, but whatever. Awesome, nonetheless! :D
  • Friday!!! I seriously cannot wait. Wolf & Cub for free?! What's the catch?? PLUS the Fearless Vampire Killers?!!! Why do I sense that I'll be coming home from this less vital organs...
  • vessels is a great great album... i listened to science and was a little bit shocked that they went electronic (?) decided not to get it... but now im really back into vessels again. Aussie is producing some really great bands in Tame Impala and these guys at the moment. props from across the tasman!
  • I'm finally old enough to go to a gig. Tour, damn it! Pretty please?? :) Guess which band I took my name from??
  • JB Hi-Fi totally has tons of Science and Sorcery copies, but no Vessels ;_; That's okay, I have Vessels, but it's a nice cohesive album. I should never had ignored them. Dance rock? Rock dance? Point is, danceable music that rocks.
  • where can i buy their albums in adelaide? :|
  • Found them because of a button on a shirt Josh Homme wears on a Them Crooked Vultures poster :D Good stuff.
  • irishtim i totally agree with you vessels is a way better album than science. saw them live with the presets but the gig was crap probably due to the fact that all the fans were non appricieative dance fans..
  • One of the best Aussie live bands I've ever seen.
  • can't believe the adelaide gig got cancelled! :'(
  • Check out the Devil's blog featuring a word or two on Wolf & Cub
  • New album is pretty cool. I think I still prefer Vessels though. It sounds like they're a really good live band. I'd probably apprieciate them a lot more if I'd seen one of their shows. Wonder if they'll ever make it to the states?
  • Are you looking for gig tix to Wolf & Cub, check out
  • I saw them last Friday night at the Corner hotel, they were amazing.
  • New album is pretty damn good!
  • I just wrote a review of the album:
  • I saw them live tonight without hearing any of their music before, I really enjoyed it. I'll look at getting their album. :)
  • Awesome band - Awesome music! <3
  • a really underated band, i think. they need to be experienced live to be fully experienced
  • just like a few others (judging from previous comments), i'd forgot about them! i found the dept. remix of seven sevens and realised i can't just go around forgetting them.
  • See ya'll at The Zoo!
  • Kinda forgot about them till i saw them with Th Vines. Really good set, one of the drummers got up and played the sax for a bit. Fun times- their bassist kinda looked like a gnome though.
  • is it Bbz remix or bumblebeez remix?
  • Cool band. Vessels is a pretty good album. It reminds alot of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, only better.
  • One to the Other is indeed pretty awesome.
  • the new song's cool
  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT, did anyone else go to, and see these guys at Pyramid Rock?! I think this band is one that you just cannot appreciate properly until you've seen them live; this was my third time and well, it was fucking amazing.


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