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I Wintersun ("sole invernale" in italiano) sono una band melodic death metal con influenze viking e folk finlandese, fondata nel 2004 da Jari Mäenpää, ex-frontman degli Ensiferum.

Inizialmente i Wintersun erano stati concepiti come side-project di Jari, ma il tour europeo degli Ensiferum coincidette con la data della registrazione dell'album Wintersun. Jari fu quindi costretto a scegliere tra i Wintersun e gli Ensiferum; scelse i…

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  • So atmosphere; so winter [3]
  • It appears that Wintersun died and took Lost FM too
  • So atmosphere; so winter [2]
  • I'm a muzik reviewer and I already heard the next Wintersauna album, it's definitely their best yet. Each song structure consists of repeating one riff from beginning to end. And those layers of synths are just massive. So atmosphere; so winter, totally worth the wait!
  • such viking yes
  • Trash band for losers like AnarchyBrony.
  • I've talked to Jari yesterday. He sold me TEH ALBUM TITTLZ FOR 20€ PLUS POSTAGE!!! I am so happy now I must share happiness with you. So #5 was Time and then booom track list blew me away totally worth 20€ #6 Why have you waited (for snow in desert) (05:14), #7 Ten years and nothing to show for (01:33), #8 Blizzard (8:11), #9 How far until we end (06:33), #10 Sauna (Bonus track) (04:00) THIS LOOKS AMAEZING AND I HAVN HEART A SING YET!!1!
  • It was a really tough battle against time, but emerged victorious with their shoutbox history revival. I guess Jari doesnt give a shit thou.
  • guy wants his own studio. no shit its dead
  • Shit. This band really is dead.

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