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  • just discovered these guys and found out they no more :( Great music though
  • सुपर
  • chek and download:
  • NEW!
  • bye bye everyone, What the Blood Revealed are no more. Thanks to everyone who checked us out on this site xxx
  • RIP :(
  • You guys are awesome
  • If you have some minutes left, please check this: ENJOY!
  • bands like What the Blood Revealed don't win awards- but we are nominated for one in their native Scotland- please vote if you like the music! x
  • This band deserves way more attention.
  • Usually find post rock/metal quite boring... But this is amazing :-)
  • Heavy awesome shit
  • awesome!
  • Album is amazing. Dark, brooding, moody instrumental post-metal/post-rock. Great stuff! I'll be listening to this album on December 21st :P
  • If you like post-rock I hope you like this video:
  • Harbour of Devils is awesome. Nice progression from their EP's.
  • fan fucking tastic debut record
  • free download! *yay* . . . ."503 service unavailable" *boo* this stuff is the mutts nuts though
  • Thanks to the free downloads, I've had "Politics, Here is Death" in my MP3 collection about 3 years. But this is the first time the band has actually come up in my playlist. I have mixed feelings about that.
  • What The Blood Revealed to play Leeds.
  • More has come and we are very very pleased i must say! :}
  • Check out this new M3 interview with What The Blood Revealed -
  • fuck yeah
  • няши *___*
  • Evolution is Not a Theory))
  • the What the Blood Revealed album is available for pre-order at this link or for download here
  • Review of Harbour of Devils
  • new song is minted.
  • our new single is out :) or at all good mp3 stores!!
  • []i'm stuck between[/url] to audycja o życiu pomiędzy znaczeniami.o wędrówce w stronę zachodzącego słońca poprzez dźwięki progresywne, chropowato-gładkie, agresywno-łagodne (czasami nawet łagodno-agresywne!), kanciasto-zaokrąglone, szybko-powolne... Serdecznie zapraszam :)
  • WTBR's new album will be released by Field Records in March 2012. more information here
  • MOAR worthy.
  • Saw you guys @ ivory blacks, it was an awesome gig and I hope you do some more in the not too distant future
  • Excuse the spamming fellow post rockers, but I'd urge you to take the time and give a listen to my band at thanks in advance for your time!
  • we're playing with This Will Destroy You in Glasgow at the end of the month, come check it!
  • ;) love this band!
  • Please try this:æneat! Thanks a lot :)
  • woo-hoo - good news!
  • the new WTBR record (we track it next week) is gonna slay y'all :) \m/
  • Great show on Ivory blacks in Glasgow :)
  • brilliant
  • @scottlynn: LP please and come to exUSSR Ukraine - U R WELCOME!
  • норм чо (:
  • Arse kicking music
  • Cool track on the Cheery Wave Comp :-)
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  • kinda kicked me back a few years thinking about missing on this great band.
  • WTBR have some new songs in the tank ready to record, another couple and its album time!! So far we reckon we are gonna record: Eyes on the Horizon, The Streets Ran Red With the Blood of the Pious, Waiting for the Storm, Embrace the Rational/ Seek the Truthful, The Corporation as we Know it is Dead, Dead, Dead (gonna make this much more rockin), and a few other tracks that don't have names yet
  • hey all, thanks so much for the very kind comments! add us on Facebook if you would like to keep in touch :) thanks again! Scott WTBR


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