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  • Avatar di heatherjoyj
    So good. Listened to "Got Beat Up" all the time in high school.
  • Avatar di nakedfun360
    School just got out. Got Beat Up is in my stereo.
  • Avatar di Hoffman900
    A fantastic band. Easily of my favorites. Got Beat Up is a pop punk masterpiece.
  • Avatar di devinsetsfire
    Got Beat Up was my first cd, my older brother gave it to me when I was 9 and I was addicted to New Shirt. Now I don't see how I really liked that song but this band is still solid
  • Avatar di LGS
    Who else sounds like these guys? I like the sound on Got Beat Up.
  • Avatar di red-vii
    So I discovered this band through the game called Street Sk8er. That game's soundtrack was absolutely fantastic, and it has lead others just like me to nostalgia. My most favorite track on that game was "Liz Phair" by Weston. What an awesome song.... that lead me to this band, and I've been looking to get their album for quite a while actually, until I finally did two days ago. Got Beat Up. What an awesome album... Not a single song is bad. My most fav tracks as of now are Retarded, New Shirt + Heather Lewis, Your Summer Dresses Bore Me, Just Like You, and Varsity Sweater. I'm looking to get more of their albums. For those of you that haven't heard it, "Liz Phair" is definitely worth a listen! The song, not the singer!
  • Avatar di KissTheMoment
    Weston playing 4 shows in PA, NY, and NJ:
  • Avatar di TheOnlyRoc
    Terrible wiki fixed. Go buy their new live album!
  • Avatar di Iatepoodleshit
    Saw them two years ago with the Bouncing Souls in Alantic City!
  • Avatar di davio_mustachio
    saw them in 1996 in belgium with Ten Foot Pole.

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