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  • The beautiful thing about this album is how it refuses to stay on one track. It's extremely unpredictable, with each track having a completely unique identity to the next. There's something great about how out of the box they got with this one. The bonus tracks are also some of the greatest material the band's made to date. Maybe there's some nostalgia bias with this one (it came out around the time I really started to like this band), but it stays at number 3 on my top Weezer albums and has yet to leave that spot.
  • The last good Weezer album
  • The first six songs of the album are some of Weezer's best work (possibly even better than the Blue Album/Pinkerton), but most of the rest of it is just horrible.
  • The second half of this album is where it fails, and funnily enough, it's around the same time that Rivers stops singing.
  • Pretty crap album with only a few songs.
  • The Angel And The One
  • doesnt brian bell sing on this?
  • Who decided on the track-listing and WHY, I'll never know. Seriously, the tracks from the Deluxe Edition should've been standard! Pig, the Spider and Ms. Sweeney are some of their best work, rivaling even Blue/PInkerton era stuff! Even King would've been preferable to Automatic or Heart Songs.
  • Like a lot of Weezer's post-Pinkerton albums, some really good, catchy tracks. "Troublemaker," "Pork and Beans" and "Heart Songs" stick with me, but, unfortunately, I find the album as a whole to be lackluster at best.
  • First half of this album is pretty good, its gets a bit boring and average in the second half. Definitely the worst Weezer album imo.

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