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  • v You only say that because it doesn't offend you, using gay to describe something that is horrible, crappy, or sucks is insulting to glbt people because it's like saying "Oh gay people are horrible, crappy, or suck" which is rude and uncalled for so mute your TV and gtfo it.
  • Fuck Wanda Sykes bull-dike looking ass...can't stand her or anything she stands for...not a racist,sexist,or homophobe..just can't stand her ass...not wishing the silly bitch harm,just wishing i could watch a show on t.v. without her annoying ass commercials..with all the terror in the world(rape,muder,hunger,poverty,etc.)this silly bitch wants everyone to stop saying the word GAY...gets under my skin
  • have her DVD, saw her in SD; love her on Old Christine! she's a riot!
  • Miss Wanda is totally wicked - I LOVE HER
  • Apparently a few classmates of mine saw her here in Pennsylvania leaving from some French restaurant. Or nearby a French restaurant. I don't know the specifics, mainly because all I truly know is that they were all on a French trip to a French restaurant to eat French food... And Wanda Sykes just so happened to be in the neighborhood. P:
  • one of the greatest female standups out there.

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