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  • Avatar di xTHRxASHx
  • Avatar di theHumungus
  • Avatar di DavCnuk
  • Avatar di neoxx07
    slut!slut!slut!slut!slut! FUCKING SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di danielledanzig
    Fuck yeah. ♥
  • Avatar di BlurrHog
    Strip, your clothes off with my eyes.
  • Avatar di PerSemb
    Lines for whores!
  • Avatar di tvtcorp
    mosh mosh mosh
  • Avatar di wehrmachtalie
    slut!slut!slut!slut!slut! Fucking Vio-lence! agh! What a fucking awesome song, man. My friend calls his girl his gutterslut :P
  • Avatar di slayerdavex1
    Jack the ripper got caught in his zipper... and wrote a song about it and sang...angrilly.

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