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  • Avatar di Nenphiss
  • Avatar di Connemara
    Hi Vilma. How's life been treating you? As you can see I have started using again. Would be nice to hear from you. All the Best. Keith - CSC
  • Avatar di Lyrinna
    Hi another Vilma, thanks for the liking the songs :)
  • Avatar di Lyrinna
    Thank you. We'll record new songs this summer - one called 'Snows They Melt the Soonest' is almost finished.
  • Avatar di satinat
    It's Amazing and I like your pronunciation
  • Avatar di bramanz
  • Avatar di Lyrinna
    Whoever tagged this as 'pronounciation sucks', could you please at least learn how to spell 'pronunciation'?
  • Avatar di Lyrinna
    Any feedback is welcome - especially constructive criticism. So if you dislike this, please tell me why.
  • Avatar di piqquam
    Ering goes Bragh.

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