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Deceit (5:09)

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  • The masters of all that is sick. \\m/
  • such djent
  • Fucking THRALL...
  • VVV многабукф//нечетал. but the track is awesome nevertheless
  • what a crispy tone - it sounds so compressed and cone-vexed like at the apex of the cone shape, it could use a little thickening with maybe a bottom heavy semi fuzz bass guitar to make it a little more meaty. I really like the pop-smash sound of the snare it's like a light bulb getting shot. The smash cymbal gets a little repetitive and could us change over to a good brassy ride ting. Altogether very tight timing wise and proficient as hell just wish there was a little more to the melody to make it memorable - maybe after a few more listens the phrasing will present itself and stick in my ears.
  • Doesn't get much better than this.
  • The instrumental version is better
  • Last night I drank way too much and thalled all over myself. It was even in my hair...
  • A+
  • I love this band
  • Catharsis.
  • definitely one of their best songs.
  • i headbanged so hard at their show today, i thalled my head into the stage
  • greatest band ever
  • The lyrics and the vocals, gives me shivers [2]
  • I like the Måsstaden version better, mainly for the vocals. i like the pace of the guitars accompanying them and it's great.
  • What the hell happened to this song? It's like they took everything I liked about the demo version and turned it upside down.
  • just like traces - better in original version ;). It isn't good idea trying make something good better.
  • just like it without vox
  • my favourite track
  • The lyrics and the vocals, gives me shivers
  • How can you not like the riff at 2:01? Sounds a lot more powerful in the album version.
  • Riff @2:01 in the album version sounds way better on the demo. Now it just sounds stupid. How can a band change so much in 2 years is beyond me.
  • badum djent djent. bada badum djent djent.
  • groove your dick into the ground
  • They recently got signed by Century Media Records at the end of May they should have a cd out by the end of the year.
  • djently does it.
  • I love these guys AND I don't know how to pronounce their name! Sick :)
  • the production is really excellent
  • these guys fuckin' own
  • I really like this band's music, but their vocalist just drives me insane. If only they had more instrumental tracks like this, I would be a very happy person indeed.
  • Szwedzi grają najlepszy metal. Ta grupa jest tego dobrym przykładem. Riff "refrenowy" całkowicie wymiata!
  • chorus=best riff ever
  • fucking heavy it burns so good
  • daddy likey
  • okay so sweden obviously has the best metal out of every other country.
  • This is now one of my favorite bands and they're not even signed, which could also be good in some ways. No one forces them water down their sound; Mudvayne.
  • Sehr cool seehr geil
  • SHIT! This is some good DJENT
  • FUCK

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