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  • what a discovery
  • West of Rome left me miserable
  • "Suddenly everything's different / And everyone's on edge / I just wanted to bring folks together, but / It seems that I am the biggest wedge."
  • his voice reminds me of frusciante.
  • "C'est la vie whatever that means, la di da!"
  • "A chip on the shoulder usually means there's wood up above. But no man at this shiny oblong table is very, very fibrous."
  • At the Cut and Skitter on Take-off are two of the best records I know. What I've sampled from others is stunning. I'm so glad I stumbled into his work earlier this year. If you've ventured here by chance, don't hesitate! Dig in!
  • I gotta listen to more Vic Chesnutt.
  • I miss you I miss you I miss you Vic. [3]
  • his voice, lyrics, melodies.. so beautiful, so perfect.
  • me neither, he was one of those guys you could just look at his face and see his brilliance
  • i really don't want to believe that he's dead
  • Still very sad he is gone.
  • When my mom was cancer sick, She fought but then succumbed to it, But you made her beg for it, Lord Jesus, please I'm ready. OOOOOOOOOOOh Death! thats some heavy shit, gives me chills every time.
  • I slept on this guy for years, BIG MISTAKE! North Star Deserter is legendary!
  • Sigh.
  • He seemed like such a sweet, honest, complicated guy. I wish God was real, just so Vic could go to heaven.
  • I miss you I miss you I miss you Vic. [2]
  • Vic Chesnutt - Everything I Say .... From The Neighbours Dog Session Nice!
  • One talented dude.
  • I miss you I miss you I miss you Vic.
  • I miss him. A lot.
  • Still mourning you. Where were you, ... when I-I-I needed you?
  • Chinaberry tree is amazing...I've just listened to it for the very first time and it has shocked me...
  • Nov 12, 1964 – Dec 25, 2009: RIP Vic
  • How can i tell u happy christmas ? :(
  • I still get kinda choked up thinking about him. RIP Vic.
  • Free of Hope is such a great song.
  • Why am I always discovering these great musicians after they've died? :( [2] yeah, same with my discovery of Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse :(
  • hi there, John Frusciante's voice
  • Great
  • You were no coward.
  • Thanks to Cowboy Junkies for the glowing recommendation.
  • RIP my friend
  • genius!"
  • Thanks to for recommending me this. Great stuff...sad to hear of his loss though.
  • he succeded
  • terrific artist :(
  • Why am I always discovering these great musicians after they've died? :(
  • poignant
  • I love Vic's music, I've been obsessed with this song lately:
  • In my make-believe Heaven Vic is coming out with a new LP.
  • fantastique
  • These days I'm rediscovering Vic and it's great pleasure again!
  • Very new to his music. I love what I've heard.
  • R.I.P Vic. You are your music now.
  • I wish he kept believing, "Oh Death, really, I'm not ready." I thought about Vic a lot this past weekend. <3


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