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I Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- sono un gruppo in stile visual kei fondato nel marzo del 2007.
Membri attuali:
Voce: KAMIJO - Yuuji Kamijou (上城祐之)
Chitarra: HIZAKI
Chitarra: TERU
Basso: Masashi
Batteria: YUKI

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  • pozdrowienia z Polski dla fanów Versailles
  • Spoke too soon: both Teru and Yuki are going to be guest musicians at his tour final in December.
  • I believe Hizaki has also done live support for him as well and Masashi definitely toured with him somewhat extensively. If anything, Masashi and him are still ~friends~, but I haven't heard of Teru or Yuuki doing anything post-hiatus. Maybe I'm just less cynical, but I feel like if Hizaki really didn't feel like he was on super good terms, he wouldn't have said "yes" to be asked to be a guest musician for Heart.
  • Hizaki and Masashi were guests on Kamijo solo album "Heart" in the song "Katate ni yume wa motsu shoujo", besides - Kamijo was on a press conference with Zin (Jupiter) and Hizaki, so it's not like they don't work together anymore. I know that solo career was always Kamijo priority, so he put Versailles on hiatus when he haven't needed them anymore. But I hope they will be back together.
  • v Meh...I don't think so.Even though Hizaki and Kamijo are both amazing musicians.They will never end a band who was in that time touring pretty much all around the world,playing in big gigs in japan and etc...Don't get me wrong I feel that they put alot of effort in their music, but after all it's their living.And to be honest I don't think that both of them are that humble to say "Well let's end this because it's not working anymore".A good example of what I'm saying it's the brazilian power metal band Angra.The members hate each other, but they still playing...just for the money of course.

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