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  • Avatar di Ferdokki
    @Karaouq16: That's not true. Exist+Trace is a female visual kei band.
  • Avatar di ArtificialLeech
    Hizaki is male darling. Here is the proof. That being said, does it honestly matter? He is amazing no matter how he dresses.
  • Avatar di napoleonsteel
    awesome as always
  • Avatar di Karaouq16
    and yeah, visual kei usually means all members are male yes, hizaki is a guy- get over it.
  • Avatar di Karaouq16
    love this one :D
  • Avatar di LyricalGuitar
    I dont know what hizaki is. If is men, there are other holes to love her/him (Yes, i am disgusting, but he is sexy)
  • Avatar di galianmidge
    Sorry, "EvilMaleKikyo" - but all of Versailles are in fact men.
  • Avatar di inzaratha
    Always one of my favorite bands.
  • Avatar di patlabor187unit
    Hizaki is a dude!! Btw awesome song!!
  • Avatar di Ferdokki
    I started liking symphonic metal because of Versailles.
  • Avatar di yumbunnies
    I love you, Versailles. (:
  • Avatar di patlabor187unit
    sorry jasmine is a dude and btw they all dudes in the band!! Love this song!! shocking isn't but they play professionals imo
  • Avatar di adsm_inamorta
    Love this band :D Best band discovery of the year for me!
  • Avatar di munna3422
    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di Lord-Xardas
    The Concerz was awsome this band they sound exact the same live
  • Avatar di hiei-warrior
    awesome track!
  • Avatar di mscloudman
    Versailles is such an awesome band >.< And they're really amazing live!! Hizaki <3
  • Avatar di elyssam
    i love this track, as well as just about anything else by them. Their guitar skills are absolutely amazing
  • Avatar di ruleOftwo
    Anybody else seeing what that guy waaaaaay down in there March said about PRINCE?This song IS NOT boring!
  • Avatar di ruleOftwo
    Ah, so many fond memories of this masterpiece.I love it so.Easily one of their greatest songs ever in their collective careers.
  • Avatar di Chel233
  • Avatar di nelzelpher1993
    This was the first song I heard from them. Ah, that is a treasured memory. Go, versailles! :D
  • Avatar di henliMarie
    i love this song so much <3
  • Avatar di Ferdokki
    I want to say that this is the best of Versailles, but if anyone knows a better song from Versailles than this, please recommend...
  • Avatar di drop_packet
  • Avatar di Ferdokki
    This song is very beautiful. =)
  • Avatar di hanasaka-beauty
    My favourite song of them !! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar di noldorin_sith
    I defy anyone to NOT love this song!
  • Avatar di Drumsetschraube
    the often I listen to this, the more I fell in love with this song... it´s mysterious ^^
  • Avatar di Aromaci
    Such a great song. Rock on!
  • Avatar di Mashiro-desu
    All of his songs are soo preety!!! > u< > ♥<
  • Avatar di Paulinee__
    ♥.♥ Epic. Masterpiece. Excellent. VERSAILLES!
  • Avatar di madmandy_
    <3333333333 lindo lindo lindo
  • Avatar di Engel_der_liebe
  • Avatar di WontonNinja
  • Avatar di Aya144
  • Avatar di Aya144
  • Avatar di renchanluvsu
    I miss Jasmine so much </3
  • Avatar di Chiyo_x
  • Avatar di Ferdokki
    I've had this stuck in my head all day long...=)
  • Avatar di addicted_japan
    YAY! Versailles ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar di Jujuzita
    ♥_________________♥ perfeeeita
  • Avatar di HanakoHikari
    I love Hizaki's solo in this so hard! [3] ♥♥♥
  • Avatar di revenge144
  • Avatar di Hizakuu
    @galianmidge it's a dude. :D
  • Avatar di tekishi3
    I didn't know one of the guys is dead!
  • Avatar di galianmidge
    I sincerely hope that is a girl... else I'm gay. lol
  • Avatar di Ryouseiaisha
    Atashi wa karera ga o ai suru!!! -^w^-
  • Avatar di silversadheart
    Yes, the music is so beautifully and brilliant and Kamijo has a wonderful voice, so emotional and deep <3
  • Avatar di xxheavenzhellxx
    This song is brilliant.


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