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Lost Highway
Various Artists

Lost Highway

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  • this is SO fuckin' awesome!
  • Alice > renee .. pena que alice nunca existiu :)
  • <3
  • This is NOT the correct soundtrack, where is reznor, bowie , badalamenti etc??
  • They had me at David Bowie!!! Still looking for more good various artists CDs / playlists...
  • oh, you are the perfect drug, the perfect drug...!
  • You like this? You might also like Odd Light, then. Have a listen here:
  • Really great soundtrack. I was waiting for CD 7 months. And now I have it... and feel satisfied.
  • Possibly the best soundtrack ever. [2]
  • Edit it! The best track are not included (both edited versions of "HM" and "R+" by Rammstein)! Shame on you! :P
  • this kicks some serious ass.on my top 5 list of best films and soundtracks for sure.
  • I highly recommend this soundtrack as well as film! No. VII on my list.
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  • uhhhhhhh, rammstein, where are those tracks?
  • best soundtrack ever!
  • my fav
  • This Magic Moment, love it.
  • yeah, nineinchruiner's rite.
  • someone forgot to add two rammstein songs
  • Remains my joint favorite film with Mulholland Drive (2001). Got to recommend Lynch's most recent full length, Inland Empire (2006), as well. If you ever get a chance to see it on a big screen, do not pass, absolutely terrifying, pretty much a pure distillation of the auteur's vision.
  • Released on DVD in three days -
  • wicked, love it.
  • great. just great.
  • This is so cool, sexy and creepy. ahhh.
  • Movie is confusing... So much sex in it I thought it was soft-core porn :) I dislike it... But I'll have to see it another 4 times to see if it 'clicks'
  • the movie gets confused.. but i like this felling:)
  • I'm Deranged
  • Possibly the best soundtrack ever. At least the best I've heard!
  • a tru pwner
  • I have I feeling this movie is like The Wall the first 5 times it makes no sense. The Trent Reznor stuff is fucking awesome BTW.
  • one of the best movies ever... nearly perfect soundtrack ;)
  • Pretty good film, but the soundtrack is superb all round.
  • the best ost ever! well maybe just after trainspotting ost ;)
  • This movie makes little sense. Excellent music though. :)
  • One of the greatest films of all time... yes...
  • One of my top 5 favorite soundtracks

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