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  • Fine photos, never thought that they look like these.
  • Трек Apnée так и брызжет свежестью идей буквально во все поля, заставить на столько гармонично звучать маткорные гитары в сладже - несомненно вин. Искренне желаю этим ребятам прийти к успеху и повысить качество своего материала.
  • I need to know more music like track Self Esteem Fund. Anyone can help?
  • Who wants to talk about the indie band from the 90s??? Anyone?? Hello?
  • I just scrobbled from Audiosurf. It has the orange box soundtrack included, and they are tagged as "Valve". As long as those remain the defaults, we'll keep getting Valve as artist.
  • @MaksimMakeev No, I'm not going to stop doing something because some random person on the Internet wants me to stop doing so. @Discussion itself. I think my problem with mine is it is local files we got from...somewhere, and it just says "Valve", so it sends it to this page, too. It should be "Valve Studio Orchestra", I think
  • A decent solution might be to have two separate "valve" pages: 1) Valve; and 2) VALVe. The only real issue would be sorting the tracks to the proper groups. Could be solved by sound fingerprinting or something similar to the autocorrect feature already in place (at least, with the iTunes scrobbler). This is all assuming that you're even able to use that naming convention without a conflict. Even better idea: 2 bands: 1) Valve. 2) Valve Software.
  • I suggest writing to support. All composers should get their fair amount of listeners. The more people write< the bigger the chance someone at last/fm will take notice!
  • We should get more of the game soundtracks to autocorrect to their respective composers, as many of us have plays on Valve that we don't want to lose. Shouldn't take too much effort if a few of us vote for the corrections.

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