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I VNV Nation sono un gruppo di musica elettronica originariamente proveniente da Wexford (Irlanda) e Londra, ora residente ad Amburgo, che combina elementi di trance, synthpop ed EBM (Electronic Body Music), fino a quello che loro chiamano futurepop. I lavori iniziali includono anche qualche influenza electro-industrial. "VNV" nel nome sta per Victory, not Vengeance (Vittoria, non Vendetta), in accordo con il motto del…

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  • :)
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • I do like their song, especially in concert. I keep hoping that one of these days they'll write a second one.
  • will ein neues album
  • Beautiful album. [2] Resonance, that is.
  • Beautiful album. Hoping to hear reinterpretations of some of their instrumental songs as well on Vol. 2.
  • The band must have done goofed, because--unlike Automatic and Transnational--the latest album is actually available in its entirety on the Australian Spotify.
  • set me aflame and cast me free
  • So pointless in fact it made you so angry that it was memorable! Now, the hard part would be finding other songs within Futurepop or EBM circles, you are so passionately focussed about... Liebestod was wonderful in Futureperfect; and far from pointless. Do some research into futurist ideology, then maybe your opinion might be validated! Oh, and do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of VNV Nation's Resonance, if you want romantic classical so badly
  • This is Romantic Classical music: This is pointless synthetic-strings-orchestration-only track:

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