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  • Avatar di Kieronunsilence
    The new album has been out for a few weeks now. It can be purchased from the Nine Records Store: The album is also available to download from the Nine Records Bandcamp page: We also have some copies to sell: __________________
  • Avatar di Aethelgrim
    New track is excellent. Look forward to the new album!
  • Avatar di Kieronunsilence
    Here's new track from the forthcoming Unsilence album "A Fire On The Sea". The track is called "A Thousand Seasons". On YouTube: And on Bandcamp:
  • Avatar di Kieronunsilence
    Unsilence now have a Bandcamp page. Go to: This is the first official downloading and streaming of our releases. The 'Under A Torn Sky' album costs £4.00 to download. And both the 'A Walk Through Oceans' and 'Transfiguration' MCDs costs £2.00 to download. We're thinking of including our first two demos ('Shadows Cast In Stone' from 1994 and 'An Unfinished Chapter' from 1995) as a free download. We'll keep you posted. Let us know what you think?
  • Avatar di Kieronunsilence
    To be honest, Unsilence is a studio only band right now. As well as the drummer issue, our singer/guitarist is back in college and doesn't have the time or money to be as active as he once was. And I don't want to find somebody else as he's integral to our sound. So I'd rather do the band as a studio only project when he has the time. But gigs aren't totally out of the question. Given the right time and planning, it's possible that we might manage a few.
  • Avatar di daxtar7
    Great news, Kieron! Hope you can sort out the eternal drummer issue so we can see you live in the near future
  • Avatar di Kieronunsilence
    Unsilence will start recording their next album in July at Full Stack Studio in Lancashire with Matt Richardson engineering. The album, as yet untitled will feature the following songs: The Doorway/ Breaking Away/ A Fire On The Sea/ A Thousand Seasons/ On Wild Fields/ Old Tides/ Unchained There's no definite plans for it's release at present. Check us on Facebook:
  • Avatar di NorseDave
  • Avatar di moritoergosum
    So nice!
  • Avatar di Son-Of-Satan
    Very underrated.

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