• The March.

    Ott 2 2008, 15:14 di xShedx

    Unearth - The Marchhttp://funkyimg.com/u2/505/397/un.jpg01. My Will Be Done ( 3:37)02. Hail The Shrine ( 3:57)03. Crow Killer ( 3:17)04. Grave Of Opportunity ( 3:53)05. We Are Not Anonymous ( 3:03)06. The March ( 3:29)07. Cutman ( 3:12)08. The Chosen ( 3:53)09. Letting Go ( 4:43)10. Truth Or Consequence ( 4:10)11. Untitled (10:15)
    So, one of the biggest names in modern released new album. These men masterfully combine -melodies and guitar solos with pummeling breakdowns taken from -scene. What else to say about them? I guess, it's time to talk about that new record.http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/1210.jpg
    Did i wait it? Actually, no. Why? Because their previous albums some kinda oppressed me with their superduperfast-rhythms and crunching solos, you know, they sounded like they wanted to say:"Hey you, yeah you, i bet you can't play this? Or this? Huh? Sucka!!!", or maybe i'm wrong, but it's my opinion.