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  • Oh the memories!
  • My all time favorite tune brings back good memories @ the night clubs !!!!
  • Absolutely awesome.
  • This is a Dope.
  • Summer Jams!!! Euphoric memories.
  • BLISS!
  • Happy tune! Love it :)
  • never gets old...
  • ok, this is HUGE.
  • '98, Thanksgiving eve, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, - encore of Rez playing for 20minutes+ with Karl dancing manically in front of a light show. Underworld at it's pinnacle. Reasons not to go home for the holiday ;)
  • very lovely intro
  • Vanilla Sky bitches! Awesome movie and awesome tune :)
  • like sex…
  • Sometimes I think this song makes all other music obsolete.
  • wonderful color
  • Cool
  • thank goodness radio, a good song to work to
  • Cosmic orgasm...
  • everything, everything
  • sì sì, mi piace
  • will always be the EPIC one for me !
  • <3
  • After all these years it still kicks the others in the ass!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty amazing track
  • A M A Z I N G!
  • It's always reminded me of an ice cream van... but I absolutely love it. :)
  • ::))
  • :)
  • ....verry good!!!!
  • masters of drum programmin alwayz hz allwayz wil............... pearls girl.......klazzik example...............yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • Massive.
  • brilliant.
  • Such techno genius, part of the soundtrack to my mind... it can't be complete without the greatness of Underworld and Orbital. Techno masters!
  • Pure electro goodness! A trippy track! Totally brings in nostalgia!!
  • Amazing - still great!!!
  • Great dance song.
  • #1
  • move your ass
  • teletube dance party time ^_^
  • it reminds me back to the early ninetys - the raves and the family :-) I really miss this time
  • 2008, Pentaport Rock Festival, 15 double rums to the good. How I WISH I could remember...
  • Pure Ecstasy !!!
  • blubblublbublbublublblbblblbublubbluu
  • beyond perfection!
  • better than slippy
  • Love this tune, can keep listening to this on and on and on. Not long enough!!!!
  • Ja
  • [url=]incredible[/url]


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