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  • Avatar di FenrirXXII
    amazing song.....
  • Avatar di Kianglo
    I can't get over how much I love this incredibly beautiful and emotionally captivating. Gets to me every time.
  • Avatar di roemilca111
    post-metal/fear before
  • Avatar di PseudoHaptic
    This song always got me so sad... and hearing it again after six years, it still does. Reminds me of my days of extreme loneliness back in high school. :\
  • Avatar di JQHN
    i definitely thiink that define the great line is my favorite album by underoath, aaron played a big part in that. this track is definitely one of the best of the best as far as underoath goes.
  • Avatar di Undead_King_
  • Avatar di katyduhhh
    I almost didn't want there to be any vocals. It would have been pretty perfect just as an instrumental.
  • Avatar di fenderfabulous
    Post-Hardcore Goes Post-Rock
  • Avatar di MichaelF1234
    I miss those days so much. This is what I have always loved about them, the emotions, the feeling. It's nice they progressed to making music which is more complex to play, but..I'll never love them this much again.
  • Avatar di ForeverAloneXD
    My Dreams~

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