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  • Can't wait. This is huge
  • I cant wait to see you in concert and hope you will record new stuff.
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Happy to see them come back together! 2015!
  • Hope they come back long enough to release some new content! Seriously though..
  • I will seriously sell all of my organs on the black market just to see these guys again.
  • Never got to see them back in the day, for some reason. Already bought a ticket for the show in Denver. Pumped.
  • while i am happy that theyre back it does seem a little too early, like come on its been only two years
  • fucking awesome
  • Welcome back Underoath.
  • так они снова живы или что?
  • Lol at misheard lyrics. I'd always hear Reinventing Your Exit as, "This is the way I would have done her: up against the wall." (c'mon that was 11 or so years ago...)
  • European tour plz.
  • I am ready.
  • DTGL 10 year tour next year. Calling it now.
  • Gotta love misheard lyrics, I feel these guys have ALOT. I always find myself listening to their stuff and go like "oh I remember before when I was thinking he said *** instead of ***" and shit like that
  • Они достойны 100000 классов! [3]
  • gotta love They're Only Chasing Safety, 11 years after its release
  • кул банда
  • Они достойны 100000 классов! [2]
  • Любовь с самого детства.
  • "who sound way more commercial and watered down than anything that Underoath have done," Southern Rock isn't exactly commercial and the riffs (especially on the first 2 albums) are a lot more well executed and interesting than anything I'd deem watered down. Maylene isn't heavy, but they aren't close to commercial either.
  • Они достойны 100000 классов!кто за?
  • whoa, never knew they were that awesome!
  • Dallas left/was asked to leave because he was having relationship problems, not because Aaron bribed the other members. Besides the other members (excluding Octavio) didn't want to go heavy, which lead to Octavio leaving too. They scrapped the lyrics they wrote for Dear Misery and changed up some of the song melodies, retained a few copy and pasting them into different songs on They're Only Chasing Safety.
  • @RiasPure lets also not forget how Dallas left to join Maylene, who sound way more commercial and watered down than anything that Underoath have done, if Dallas were still in the band i doubt Underoath would have gone back to a heavier sound.
  • Пацанская тема,по кайфу!
  • There's quite a few videos of them playing an early version of Reinventing Your Exit with Dallas that's pretty much structurally and melodically identical to the final version, and that's by far the poppiest song on TOCS (not counting Some Will Seek Forgiveness). There's also some videos of them playing early versions of Young and Aspiring and Down Set Go with Dallas. So the whole "durr hurr dallas leaving made them emo and gay" shit is just idiotic. Pull your head out of your ass.
  • ♥♢♥
  • you do realize that most of the songs off of Theyre Only Chasing Safety were written by Dallas, so if Aaron didnt bribe the members to kick out Dallas then they would be going in the same direction. i never really saw why Define the Great Line and Lost In the Sound of Separation were considered for Emo/Scene kids, granted the choruses are really poppy sounding but once you get past that fact the music is a lot more mature sounding than most of the scenecore bands out there. i will agree that Aaron leaving the band was a huge landmark for Underoaths sound, considering how Aaron was a huge fan of the poppier stuff and the band probably would of never came out with that sick sludgey post-metal induced metalcore sound off of Disambiguation, also i like Spencers clean vocals more than Aarons
  • v Music that isn't for gays and emos usually sucks though. Not sure why you're implying that it's a negative.
  • My favourite albums: I - Act of Depression, II - Cries of the Past, III - Ø (Disambiguation). PS: The other albums are for gays and emos. PSII: This is Aaron Gillespie fault! Why?, Because he bribed members of the band throw out Dallas. Very good that Aaron left the band in 2010. PSIII: Stop calling that this band was playing screamo! In polish is writed "incorrectly defined as screamo".
  • По кайфу!
  • Amo <3
  • Hey ) You should check them out! Ukrainian kick ass band!
  • sooooooo screamooooo omg
  • people still tag 'screamo'?? lmao
  • >>Первые 2 ЕР потрясающие >>Параша. лооол
  • Best post-hardcore band forever!
  • great band
  • хуета для долбоебов.
  • "Get Real" by [artist]Wolf:Speak[/artist] I don't normally repost bands, but this is giving off hardcore "[album artist=underoath]They're Only Chasing Safety[/album]" vibes. (Ex- [artist]Oceana[/artist]-[artist]Decoder[/artist]/[artist]Lead Hands[/artist])
  • Параша.
  • What a great fucking run. This band was (and still is) one of the best.
  • No shout for 5 days? I just recently got back into them only to find out they disbanded in 2013. What a shame. Great music that I can actually feel good about knowing the lyrics to. 0_0
  • Первые 2 ЕР потрясающие
  • They're Only Chasing Safety, Define the Great Line, Lost in the Sound of Separation and Ø (Disambiguation) best music 4ever.
  • liek dis if u cri ery tiem :'(


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