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Gli Uncle Tupelo sono stati un gruppo alternative country statunitense, attivo dal 1987 al 1994, formatosi a Belleville, Illinois, dal cantante e chitarrista Jay Farrar, dal cantante e bassista Jeff Tweedy e dal batterista Mike Heidorn. Sono considerati i capiscuola del movimento musicale alternative country. Il nome del gruppo è un omaggio al luogo di nascita di Elvis Presley.

La band, durante il suo periodo di attività, ha inciso…

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  • I've always held the fact that one of their roadies called into a Ween radio interview and took offense to Reggaejunkiejew being played against them. I still don't like them. The world surely didn't need a country version of Soul Asylum.
  • Great!
  • What a talented bunch of guys! It's not exactly the style of music I dig the most, but I get that it's good.
  • Awesome band ! Great band to see live back in the day.... Tweedy and Farrar, both great - Love Son Volt and Wilco
  • They sure know how to make music!
  • Solid.
  • If they'd had just one more great songwriter, they would have been like Buffalo Springfield II [2]
  • farrar + tweedy > farrar or tweedy
  • farrar > tweedy

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