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  • love Umphrey's variety!
  • I really need to go see these guys live again!
  • Below me is a SBD quality compilation of jams that some kind soul put together for the 1st 3 months of the 2010 tour, all download links are mediafire, but if you're an Umph fan you owe it to yourself to check this out!
  • gonna check you guys out at all good, any chance of getting that phoenix cover? either way, can't wait to see you guys melt my face
  • guys, i love you as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • really cool set at Jam in the Dam, Amsterdam, 3/21!
  • I've seen this band live 5 times. I hated it every time.
  • Yea, you guys fucking rock out hard. Love hearing those classic covers and your face melting origonals. Good stuff can't wait to be trippin' my balls off at Scamp with ya'll!!!
  • great show at the madison in covington ky this past saturday, place was packed and rockin
  • like their cover of Lisztomania
  • Totally life changing music for me, Wappy Sprayberry was the first song I heard (and my bong named after it), Jimmy Stewart 2007 being my favourite album...going to see them at the STL show with a bunch of friends, can't wait.
  • You guys ROCK! You guys are from the town not even 10 minutes away from my home town.
  • UM fans might find it cool that my new pro pic is actually tickets from shows I've been to and seen, not only by UM. But those two picks? Show used picks from Jake and Brendan =D. Blelow is the setlist from 4.05.09.
  • Saw you guys a while back at 9:30 Club in DC. Then at Pier Six in Baltimore with STS9 (which i thought you guys were better while my friend went with STS9). Now going to see you at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Valentines day. Its been awhile since i listened to you guys so ive been getting ready with Jimmy Stewart 07 and Mantis. Hell yeah.
  • Saw you in Boston this summer, i went buck wild....awesome light show
  • more people need to listen to this band! Cemetery Walk II is so dope
  • Jimmy Stewart 2007 is up on in its entirety!
  • nice
  • Helllla musicans
  • This is pretty cool stuff. My history teacher actually turned me on to these guys lol
  • time to change the band pic
  • cvbishop1 wtf dude? cant compare prog to ... errrr dave matthew? oh well, Mantis is a pretty cool album btw.
  • shits sexxxy.
  • Mantis is cool.
  • saw them earlier this year at the murat... one of my favorite shows ever. its hard telling when i would have found them had i not won the tickets on the radio. it amazed me that i am from indiana & into their kind of music, but had never really heard them or much about them before
  • I love you guys soooo much. but i didn't know people actually liked Mantis????
  • Saw them live in Boston on July 7th, amazing show!
  • Incredible show at a tiny venue last night, thanks a lot you guys.
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  • Oh the talent - Oh the jams....... Such funk, such finesse.........Such funkesse..........I love you UM
  • I've been obessed with Local Band Does OK lately, but all of their albums are good. I love them.
  • They absolutely murdered Summer Camp. Saturday shows were unbelievable. Fireworks, Claypool, Pastorious, and Metallica, what more could you ask for?
  • I, for one, am glad they continue to evolve. There's plenty run-of-the-mill jam bands doing standard stuff. UM have the talent and vision to do more and it shows. And by my observation, their recent jams are the ones that are more solid and progress to climaxes, but I guess it all depends on what you're looking for.
  • But the live shows have changed...listen to a mantis-era show and then go back about 3 to 4 years ago and listen to another. It is much much different. Live at the Murat began to mark their transformation into a much more proggy-jam based band...
  • Mantis took me awhile to get used to, but I love just as much as Bottom Half and Safety in Numbers. It's really all about the live shows anyway, the albums are merely secondary.
  • I liked umph better before Mantis, their shows were so much funkier and it wasn't all about chops and prog-rock. The jams were more solid and actually progressed. Just my opinion.
  • Yeah.....I know its called Mantis. Its good you say?
  • New album any good?
  • Insanely good
  • saw them in nola thursday night. i could explain the show in two words. ugh! or bitchin. either still don'tdo it justice. these guys are the tits
  • best concert i've been to yet. my friend invited me out and i was first starting to like umphrey's mcgee, and when i went to their show. . . my mind was blown really. it was like the actual cd- mantis x1000
  • These guys are like sex mixed with some sex.
  • the T.V.'s on too much and I don't ever think enough about the things that matter most and what could make me old and there's no argument for wasting time much better spent complacently replacing a melody with smoke


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