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  • A wingless fly
  • Música de lluvia, estar acostado en cama, y comiéndose unas sopaipillitas.
  • One of the reasons why I keep listening to this album.
  • how have i listened to this song over 1300 times
  • amazing hypnotic
  • T-T
  • this song makes me feel infinite [3]
  • Awesome really
  • Beauty and relaxing!
  • video games
  • very pleasing. reminiscent of bitcrush.
  • this song makes me feel infinite [2]
  • magical :) [2]
  • magical :)
  • Euphoria <3
  • sigh.. i just love it
  • This song is a song of beauty - it makes you love life.
  • hmmmmmmmm
  • this song makes me feel infinite
  • <3
  • pure love :3
  • wonderful walk - stressless
  • Always love the sound of this track! Reminds me of another lovely track by 'Floex', I once bought an entire CD just for that one track... ;-)
  • I'm not allowed to have the portable radio installed in my car (it's a distraction). But one day I "stole" it for a night and just cruised around blasting Tycho's A Walk. It was a surreal night. I absolutely love this song, so chill. Makes me grateful of life haha
  • Perfect <333333
  • I could listen to this track for hours
  • AH <3
  • sweet
  • I'd marry Tycho.
  • Floating.
  • awesome
  • The first half of the song is like Heaven.
  • i love tycho so much. thank you KSPC claremont!
  • great sounds,,..........
  • love tycho
  • Good stuff. Reminds me of public television commercials in the US from the early 80s for some reason.
  • i can't tell if i'm dreaming or not.
  • A walk in the space
  • Is this real? [2]
  • Intro sorta sounds like Radiator by Aphex Twin.
  • Stipple video this track inspired me to do
  • beautiful shadow
  • Scott, you are the GUY! MM>
  • Jealous of KeithKokain's tent moment
  • lol i love my vaporizer...
  • relaxing mode :)
  • God, I love this album.
  • smile and drift. aaaaaahhhh :-)
  • real smoooooth
  • The opening is soul crushingly beautiful. I'm upset I missed his set at Bisco but I was able to hear this song from my tent as I was passing out and it was magical being able to drift to sleep to Tycho live.


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