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  • Outstandingly good.
  • Great stuff.
  • [track artist=Tukaaria]Nekaroa[/track] is awesome. Always pleased to hear new music from Tukaaria.
  • Really late, but - I like The Haunting Presence, but not so much Acualli. *shrug* oh welllll
  • Evisceratorium, seriously? That Acualli demo and The Haunting Presence stuff is pretty awesome for raw black/death stuff. I like RH-14 but don't think it's as good as these.
  • Extremely good, would love to hear more music like this
  • Just insanely good black metal. I hope Fallen Empire manage to get some EU distribution sorted out because I'll pick up a vinyl copy in an instant.
  • Yes.
  • great stuff!
  • 'the new track off of the new CN comp is really good" I was disappointed by it, actually. I felt like there was too much death metal in the mix and it felt more unremarkable and vanilla as a result. Though I suppose I could say the same for Tliltic Tlapoyauak in general - I feel like the only BTC-related thing I've heard that impressed me while being rooted in death metal was RH-14. They should stick to their weirdo cosmic black metal.

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