• Ten Albums Nobody's Talking About(the working edition)

    Set 17 2008, 22:08 di MexicanMoose

    To keep it easy I'm diversifying the shit out of this list. Don't wanna go about repeating myself with similar artists. Basically this list is my opinion of 10 albums you may not have listened to due to their lack of unpopularity or something messed up in the cosmic scheme and in that case you have to.

    How I rate things: I feel that reviewing an album requires more then one number. So I split it up into two sections.

    Sound: Is this sound original? Do I consider it innovative or invigorating to the ears? How much of an art is this and how does the album flow together(like the theory of a concept album, I mean an album should be considered a single piece of work).
    Tracks: Basically are the songs enjoyable. Do I like to listen to them, would you listen to them blablablabla.

    10.) Shonen Knife Let's Knife- Straight out of Osaka, Japan comes the only Pop-Punk I'll listen to. Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of this band, and if that can't make you listen to this I dunno what will. …
  • Pop vs. Art: An Essay

    Gen 27 2008, 18:59 di cloudy_skies

    I’m sure the scenario is familiar by now: everyone’s favorite indie band has been working hard and making a solid reputation. Album after album is released, and with each new record more fans learn about the band – not from radio play or a massive marketing scheme, but from word-of-mouth recommendations from music fan to music fan. Then, one fateful day, your decidedly un-hip friend is driving with you and listening to Top 40 radio and, to your surprise and embarrassment, everyone’s favorite “indie” band is playing! You hear things that you would never expect from the band: catchy hooks, singsong melodies, no guitar solos, lyrics about meeting a girl at the bar/gas station/mall, a danceable beat…Blasphemy! “They’ve gone pop on me!” you scream in dismay. Soon, the band is not only playing on the radio every hour on the hour, but in every Hollister in America. And so another great band was eaten up by a major label and the lust for fame and fortune, never to be the same again…right? Right?
  • So I bought some CDs....

    Mag 21 2007, 4:08 di heyadamo

    I had a week-long vacation and as things go, I bought some CDs throughout my vay-cay. I tend to go for bargains so I hit all the used CD/book stores, pawn shops, or the bargain bin of my fave record stores. Thus, I tend to pay a lot less on average, and only really will buy something if it's an artist I really like, which explains the first CD. I will also put how much I paid for each disc, just so you don't think I'm spending all my moolah.

    Wilco -- Sky Blue Sky ($12)
    System of a Down -- Hypnotize ($1)
    No Doubt -- Rock Steady ($1)
    On -- Shifting Skin ($2)
    Grant-Lee Phillips --Nineteeneighties ($2)
    Talk Talk -- Natural History ($6)
    The Tears -- Here Come The Tears ($9 - and I'll call that a bargain since it never was released in the US)
    Trip Shakespeare -- Lulu ($2)
    The Promise Ring -- Nothing Feels Good ($4)
    Finn Brothers -- Finn Brothers ($4)
    Mary Timony -- Ex Hex ($3)
    Joy Division -- Closer ($3)
    David Cross -- It's Not Funny ($5)
    Gomez -- Split the Difference ($6)
    Jobriath -- Lonely Planet Boy ($4)
  • 10 Songs, 1990-1993.

    Nov 1 2006, 15:43 di thewilyfilipino

    For five years I lived in central New York -- Ithaca, to be exact -- which inaugurated a new phase in my musical listening education: the wonders of American college radio. WICB, beamed out of Ithaca College on the other hill (I was at Cornell), was something of a lifeline. (At Cornell I swear everyone played Spin Doctors' "Two Princes" 24-7; I think the band actually played at a frat house on campus once a semester.) WICB was chiefly responsible for saving me from lite jazz and afflicting me with a lifelong love for Guided by Voices, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Superchunk -- much of early Matador, actually, surely one of the greatest record-label runs of the last two decades. (The other musical path came via the Nonesuch compilation Late in the 20th Century, but that's another story.)

    Spin Doctors aside, though, the concert scene wasn't really terrible, considering that Ithaca was almost five hours northwest of NYC and therefore awfully out of the way. …
  • Top 100 Geographically as of 9/10.

    Set 12 2006, 1:46 di Screendoor

    I think I counted correctly. Some artists count for more than one area, boosting the US by a little bit.

    United States x64
    --Minnesota x17
    --New York x9
    --California x9
    --Washington, Illinois x4
    --Massachusetts, Tennessee x2
    --17 other states at x1
    New Zealand x 13
    England x9
    Canada x3
    Australia x3
    Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Germany x2
    Japan, Colombia, Sweden, Czech Republic x1

    1. Low - Minnesota
    2. The Chills - New Zealand
    3. R.E.M. - Georgia
    4. Sepultura - Minas Gerais
    5. The Bats - New Zealand
    6. The Replacements - Minnesota
    7. Talking Heads - Rhode Island/New York
    8. The Clean - New Zealand
    9. Devo - Ohio
    10. U2 - Ireland
    11. Straitjacket Fits - New Zealand
    12. Ween - Pennsylvania
    13. Sonic Youth - New York
    14. Hüsker Dü - Minnesota
    15. Bailter Space - New Zealand
    16. Muse - England
    17. Semisonic - Minnesota
    18. POLYSICS - Japan
    19. Hank Williams - Alabama
    20. 3Ds - New Zealand
    21. Sunny Day Real Estate - Washington
  • Concerts I Have Seen

    Lug 28 2006, 16:00 di PMaz

    OK, my friend Lee (therolemodlin) made a list about a month ago and so I decided to sit down and write what I can recall seeing. By no means do I claim to have seen a lot of concerts, although I am sure I am forgetting someone. But here is what I remember as close to chronological as it gets.

    Starship/Night Ranger - This is probably the first major concert I saw. I believe I was in 9th grade. Night Ranger was touring for 7 Wishes and they were the real reason I went. My friend Dave was along at the time, along with my sister and her husband. We were too young to drive there I guess. I bought one of those shirts with 3/4 sleeves and had the band on the front. Probably cost me a week's worth of pay.

    The Rainmakers - This was Nathan's favorite band at the time and Casey, Nathan, and I journeyed to the University of Kansas to see them play in some ballroom. A totally different experience. I would see them again at a Kansas State Welcome Back concert.

  • What is up with Paul Fox?

    Lug 24 2006, 20:58 di PMaz

    It is not often that I breed curiosity as to what a record producer is doing at the moment, unless that producer is Paul Fox. The first album to my knowledge that I heard that was produced by Paul Fox was XTC's "Oranges and Lemons". I couldn't stop listening to it. It's the album that made me crave more XTC, as well as go back and listen to the older stuff.

    A few years later I caught a song on the radio by the group Semisonic called "If I Run". Fantastic! I was so excited because I had been a fan of Trip Shakespeare. "Great Divide" turned out to be a fantastic album. I noted that Paul Fox was producer, but didn't think too much of it.

    It wasn't until I caught wind of Grant Lee Buffalo's"Jubilee" that I made the connection. Fox is one heck of a producer that brings out the best in everybody. Some may not agree, especially in the case of Grant Lee Buffalo. But while some may argue that the songwriting is better on previous GLB albums (I would still disagree)…
  • Taking The Long Way

    Lug 21 2006, 19:14 di rynosoft

    Home was one of my favorite albums for 2005 so I was excited when Dixie Chicks announced their new album, Taking The Long Way. Hearing that they had a song that responded to the 2003 controversy increased my excitement, as did the news that Rick Rubin would be producing. It is rare that an album meets such expectations for me, but this album does that and more. Natalie Maines' voice is even better than before, or perhaps Rubin's production can take the credit. The songwriting is personal and features help from indie luminaries like Dan Wilson (Trip Shakespeare & Semisonic), Gary Louris (Jayhawks), Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Neil Finn (Split Enz, Crowded House), Sheryl Crow, Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) and Pete Yorn. This one is almost certain to be on my Best of 2006 list.