• lost in translation

    Ago 8 2006, 23:02 di f_mafra

    My girlfriend would definitely want me to enjoy more music. But as I've told her, I have a difficulty taking it seriously, most of the Brazilian stuff I enjoy are ment to be funny or just to have plain old fun (such as CSS or Trio Mocotó. A few exceptions would be older stuff like .

    I kind of feel guilty about that, specially because my girlfriend really enjoys some Brazilian artists (a major example would be Chico Buarque), maybe more than "some" and surely more then I do.

    But recently I watched an interview with Camille (which by the way prompted me to finally check out Nouvelle Vague) where she said not to be much into music but more into and Brazilian. But unlike me she knew the reason why. French makes it to obvious to her.

    So it hit me, maybe that's the reason Portuguese doesn't do it for me, musically, and why I anjoy so much artist whose language I have absolutely no idea of. …