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I Treble Charger sono un gruppo rock canadese, formato dal cantante Greig Nori (produttore dei Sum 41, con i quali i Treble Charger hanno realizzato Detox, loro ultimo album), il bassista Rosie Martin ed il batterista Trevor MacGregor. Il chitarrista Bill Priddle, membro co-fondatore della band, ha lasciato nel 2003. Hanno iniziato con uno stile indie rock melodico, evoluto poi in un pop punk ibrido con il nu metal dopo aver…

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  • NHL 02 !! Единственная вещь, за которую можно поблагодарить EA - треки
  • Maybe It's Me is one of the best (but long forgotten) canadian albums ever produced. The quality of the songs is just stellar.
  • Great studio band, but totally sucked live.
  • I submitted the logo from Wide Awake Bored to be added to the LASTFM Logo Banner. Also submitted Project Wyze(From Sudbury) and High Holy Days(From North Bay)
  • The Canadian Rock League (CRL) is a competition constituted by 2 leagues, the First division and the Second Division. You can vote in your favourite CANADIAN artists/bands and put them in the top! If you love challenges and competition please join us: [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Have fun
  • This is one of those bands that my friends look at my shelf and go you like treble charger?! And you have to be all like 'they're first three albums are actually really good, believe me!' urrgh.
  • NHL 2002 + Brand New Low
  • reunion shows?! Hope that leads to a new album. [3]
  • NHL 2002 [6] after so many years i've finally found "Brand New Low". That was my favorite song to that time.... so many memories. :')
  • Listening to some old Treble Charger - NC17 - this is *GOOD* stuff... trying to think of any bands that had such a huuge drop in quality during their existence...

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