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American hip-hop group from Decatur, Georgia/USA.

Consisting of Ali, Quez and Strap. Ali and Quez are stepbrothers; the two met Strap while attending the same middle school. The three grew up together and began exploring music in 2006. The group’s biggest hits are "Go Shorty Go", "Bananas", "Bring It Back" and "Make It Rain". Travis Porter released a biographical film titled Proud to be a Problem on May 18, 2010. They have a YouTube channel with over sixty million views and a Twitter page as well. In November 2010 the trio signed with Jive Records.


2009: Who Is Travis Porter?
2009: I'm A Differenter (Hosted By DJ Teknikz)
2009: I'm A Differenter 2 (Hosted By DJ Teknikz)
2009: Streets R Us (With Waka Flocka Flame) (Hosted By DJ Teknikz)
2010: Proud 2 Be A Problem (Hosted By DJ Teknikz)
2010: I Am Travis Porter (Hosted By DJ Pretty Boy Tank & DJ Spinz)
2010: Differenter Gang (With MGK & FKi) (Hosted By DJ Teknikz)
2011: Music Money Magnums (Hosted By DJ Teknikz, DJ Scream, & DJ Drama)
2011: Differenter 3 (Hosted By DJ Teknikz, DJ Pretty Boy Tank, & DJ Spinz)
2013: Let Me Borrow Dat (Hosted By DJ Spinz & DJ Pretty Boy Tank)


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