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  • GaaraGOinMusic1 you have no friends
  • i need someone to dance with
  • @garynotrashcoug: you implying it's too good to be made by Chaz?
  • deli
  • another hipster anthem! yay!
  • The Price is Right!
  • o artista o touro i muá
  • so rainy
  • It's a feeling good song.
  • YES <3
  • way better live!
  • I keep thinking this is a cover...... it is?
  • :D
  • sweetness...
  • Funky as hell, i can dig it.
  • funkkkk
  • funky!
  • I love how this song reminds me that I've forgotten something
  • Love.
  • Loving that keyboard sound!
  • it!
  • Sexy sexyyy
  • Forgetaboutit..............
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss!!!!
  • ah man really funky!!!!!
  • so good
  • It's like the worst of late 70s pop music all slushed together to make something amazing...
  • Sounds like it should be in the Vice City soundtrack
  • I just can't wait to see his show in Planeta Terra 2011!
  • GOD DAMNNNNNN. That's all I have to say about this song.
  • I've been listening to this song like 10 times a day for the past month. I don't think I've ever liked any other piece of music this much. Which is odd because I'd usually dismiss this kind of stuff as "hipster shit". Life...
  • older stuff was better. sorry chaz man.
  • could be my favourite song of '11
  • funky wavvy gravy king
  • uh huh.
  • love!
  • so good.
  • i can def see the round and round comparison. eh, both great songs
  • PYT influence bonanza
  • dont forget
  • @slideaway, the bass guitar was invented before ariel pink released "round and round", fyi
  • my new favourite song
  • I don't know why I like this so much better than Ariel Pink, which I didn't like one bit. This is some funky ass shit though.
  • Swag me the fuck out.
  • oh my god.
  • this song does make me feel bouncy
  • that bass is infectious...
  • meh... sounds like a low-rent version of "round and round"
  • def got a porno vibe.


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