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  • LOL at comparing Tormentor to Sarcofago. As whiteravenmetal said, both are classic and essential in their own right. Anno Domini + 7th Day of Doom are top notch 80s black metal
  • Obviously the Hungarian band. You may recognize the vocalist Atilla who went on to do vocals on the infamous De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album.
  • I got recommended Tormentor and there's a multitude of them. Which one should I get into?
  • fuck you, both are timeless masterpieces and there's no point in comparisons.
  • it is nothing like sarcofago, i don't understand the point in the comparison.
  • Anno Domini is better than INRI [5], yeah definitely
  • Jiwa Tersakiti \\m/
  • killer riffs!
  • Amazing band!
  • Anno Domini!
  • Anno Domini is better than INRI [4]
  • Anno Domini is better than INRI [3] But it's kind of an apples vs oranges thing.
  • Attila is legitimately insane. Anno Domini is pure evil.
  • Anno Domini is better than INRI [2]
  • Beyond... Beyond... Beyond...
  • <3
  • @lirikfack: wasn't INRI recorded at around the same time
  • "Wow look at me analyzing bands as I learned the names of these cool sub-genres yesterday"... Tormentor was BLACK METAL which maybe sounded like thrash back then, maybe because it quite much evolved from it? And what a sinister black metal band it was in the days of Anno Domini...
  • the music is thrash, but the singing is black
  • Anno Domini is probably the best black metal album recorded between 1985 and 1990.
  • Goddess Of Love
  • Great! Anno Domini/,,/
  • Anno domini is fantastic!
  • Awesome!
  • Anno Domini!
  • one of my favorites
  • They remind me of Destruction a bit
  • Omg this is amazing
  • luv'em! also the latest Tormentor was very very good (Recipe Ferrum!)
  • Pretty cool band.
  • All hail the great Csihar!
  • Essential.
  • Tired of so-called "metal fans" who seem to have a problem with heavy metal norms? Join
  • Anno Domini. Fucking awesome!
  • Yes, Recipe Ferrum! is (also) a masterpiece, too underrated...
  • Still brilliant!
  • Exelente banda, de lo más extraño que he escuchado dentro del Black Metal...
  • First listened to them 19 years ago, Anno Domini is a timeless album!
  • NO WAY! Anno Domini + 7th Day of Doom SMASHES Recipe Ferrum !
  • great old school black metal, Anno Domini = One of the best old school black metal albums of all time (2)
  • Recipe Ferrum is as brilliant as their earlier stuff
  • what does 'A Hétszűnyű Kaponyányi Monyók' mean?
  • great !


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