• ToP 2o Of 2oo6

    Dic 31 2006, 8:34 di Toodalimit

    Alright its the End of another fast year... and so I put together my top 20 songs....They are basically songs... including singles, album tracks and unreleased tracks. Overall I tried to have one song per artist on the countdown.

    20.I Wanna Love You
    This song was played on every radio station on the county and my initial response of this song is "How did T-pain get a record deal?" Soon I found out that it was Akon. It eventually grew on me... infectious hook.

    19. Stand Up Guy
    I love to dance.... and Swizz laid down a nice otherwordly track for T.I. on his cd that I can "wind it up!" on. lol

    18. Good Luck Charm
    It's Just Something to do with their seductive, but warm and harmonic voices that just run a shiver down my spine everytime I hear them sing! I love JE!

    17. Unfaithful
    Beautiful music, a strained note here and there but wonderful concept (lyrics in part from Ne-yo), Kind of twisted but great single choice for Rihanna!