• Tonstartssbandht Interview

    Dic 27 2011, 16:19 di Rowsell1985

    A week ago, I received a message from my ex girlfriend advising that I investigate another band from called Tonstartssbandht . What followed was a week of obsessive, repetitive listening that alienated both friends and family. I played them while I worked, I sang my own made up version of the indecipherable lyrics to the awesome ‘Black Country’ while in the shower and I even demanded that a bewildered young woman play their new album 'An When' during sex.

    Some musicians may be disturbed to learn their music was inducing such behaviour. But Floridian brothers Edwin and Andy White feel such stories better represent their musical intentions than overused genre definitions. “What I’m interested in is the personal experiences individuals have with our songs and live shows,” says Andy, "Stuff like ‘every time I come see you guys play, I get so excited I have to pee.’ Or ‘your music harkens back to a pre-bicameral mind, when memories and ideas were ghosts and gods."
  • JEWELZ OF 2010

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