• What is "folk music"?

    Mar 9 2010, 23:05 di DoctorT

    I am sometimes asked about the different terms used for "" or "" music. Behind any explicit definitions of these terms, there are a lot of connotations that bring in, among other things, musicology, academic history, popular culture, corporate culture, and politics. I was originally going to write a single journal entry on this topic, but I decided to break it down into at least two. This one will be concerned with "" and the second will be on "". These articles will be painted with a broad brush - i.e., they will include many generalizations. As with any generalization, there well could be specific counter-examples to what I say.

    The whole idea of folklore is a western (European and North American) concept. When the discipline of folklore was established in the 2nd half of the 19th century, folklore was concerned with the collection and preservation of peasant and rural culture. …