• Song Of The Day - 25 Apr 2008: Slow Down

    Apr 26 2008, 2:10 di sablespecter

    Ozzy Osbourne / "Slow Down" / Bark At The Moon (7) / Dec 1983

    Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
    Original Album: Bark at the Moon
    Track: Slow Down

    This is a SotD if I've ever chosen one, because I'm not sure there's one that could more accurately speak to me after this week.

    "You seem to run around and round in vain /
    People are saying that you've gone insane /
    Tell me just what you're running from /
    One day you're here and the next you're gone"

    This is one of my favorite Ozzy albums. I bought this on vinyl right before Christmas of eighth grade (still have that copy). I could hardly stand to wait until I had enough money after hearing all the continuous promo play on the radio. That was the last time I got fired up over an album from radio airplay until Appetite for Destruction came along the summer before senior year.

    If you have this on the original release CD, or on vinyl, or on cassette and want to buy a remaster, don't get the 2002 remaster…
  • Song Of The Day - 23 Jun 2007: Of A Lifetime

    Giu 23 2007, 18:37 di sablespecter

    Journey / "Of A Lifetime" / Journey (1) / Apr 1975

    Artist: Journey
    Original Album: Journey
    Track: Of a Lifetime

    Track preview via cduniverse

    This is my all-time favorite Journey song – the first track from the first album.

    Journey was quite different in the pre-Steve Perry days. A very progressive bluesy jazz-rock fusion outfit, and very much centered on Neal Schon’s guitar work.

    This is the only album with Georger Tickner on vocals; Gregg does lead vocals on the next two before Steve Perry joined.

    Journey is a great band to use when you want to explore “degrees of separation” in rock family trees. Neal joined Carlos Santana’s band when he was only 15, and he and original keyboardist Gregg Rolie formed Journey after departing Santana.

    Bass is handled by Ross Valory, who had previously worked with Steve Miller on the album Rock Love.

    Original drummer Aynsley Dunbar (first four Journey albums) probably has the most connections. …
  • On this day...

    Ago 15 2006, 10:29 di musica23

    Hard rock drummer Tommy Aldridge was born in 1950. He has played with such artists as Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers, Ozzy Osbourne (with late guitarist Randy Rhoads), bluesman Gary Moore, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy (post-Phil Lynott), Ted Nugent, and others. It has been said that Aldridge, entirely self-taught, developed the double-bass technique used by many other drummers.

    Drummers might enjoy his Official Home Page. Or not. ;-)